Picture the scene:
You’re working on some exciting new client content from a cute coffee shop overlooking the ocean.

Or maybe you’re about to hop on a client call from your dreamy apartment with the bustling city lights gleaming down below.

Or, actually, you’ve decided to go on a spontaneous holiday with a friend for the next few days, so you’re currently packing your bag and not even thinking about writing.

That client above? That’s just one of the high-paying brands you’re working with in your desired niche, on a schedule that suits you without any second-guessing yourself in mind.
Because freelancing can be one of the most lucrative, enjoyable and fulfilling career paths around…if you know how to set the foundations of your business so they’re mapped for success.

So, imagine if you could:

- Have a consistent stream of high-paying clients, all within your chosen niche

- Work from wherever you want in the world 

- Build financial freedom through a career path you’re passionate about

- Build that career in an industry that promises to never die out (people will ALWAYS need writers/social media managers/videographers/illustrators!)

- Work on a schedule that suits you. Goodbye Monday to Friday 9-5 hours!  

You’re ready to step into the world of creative freelancing confidently, efficiently and successfully. Without being held back by confusion on where to start.

make me a successful
freelance creative!

As Seen In:

When I first started freelancing after quitting my full-time job in London, UK, my income came solely from clients paying me $0.06 per word. In my first month of freelancing, I earned $250. I felt embarrassed at the thought of negotiating a raise and couldn’t get the attention of higher paying clients. I felt stuck.

I scoured Facebook groups for advice, read countless online forums, signed up for a range of different courses and built my business up, bit by bit.

I got there eventually. And now I work with global brands across the travel, fashion and beauty sectors, working around 10 hours a week and regularly earning $1000+ in a single day.

Being new to the industry doesn’t mean you have to learn the hard way like many of us did. But maybe you’re not even sure where to start. And, paralysed with too many questions, you’re stuck Googling things like:

I’ve been there. 

How do I find high paying clients? 
How do I make a client-friendly portfolio?
How do I decide which niche to choose? 
How do I price my services?

You could do what I did: spend endless amounts of time researching all of the above and likely struggling with conflicting advice.

There are so many freelancers out there who choose to take the leisurely route, either by scouring Facebook groups for half-hearted information or watching endless Youtube videos on "how to be a successful freelance writer" or "how to become a social media manager".

Then there are those who want to fast-track their success. They know what they want and they know that investing into their future career path is the faster choice. Why waste time with low-paying clients or confusing portfolios when you could just cut to the chase? 

What does the course include?

I did the former myself, so I understand what it’s like to feel lost and confused and unsure where to even start. But if you’re a proactive person, I’m here to help you climb out from the ‘race to the bottom’ minefield that can be freelancing as a creative. And, together, we can set your foundations so you’re ready to leap into high-paying clients and interesting, soul-fulfilling work.

I know what’s necessary to become a successful freelancer in the creative world. I’ve spent SO much time designing and editing my own freelance portfolio after crafting what I thought was the perfect example before learning that, actually, I’d got it all wrong and no serious client would approach me with its previous layout.

I dipped my toe into plenty of niches before taking a step back and refining my goals to focus on areas that I truly enjoy working on. Because if you’re targeting everyone in an effort to score some clients, you’re actually targeting no one. 

My fast-track to creative freelancing course covers everything you need to know to confidently, efficiently and knowledgeably launch your freelance business. If you’re ready to hit the ground running without spending your first few months Googling every step, this is the course for you.

actionable videos and downloadable worksheets to complete at your own pace

Your why, your current set-up and your goals: where are you now & where do you want to be in 12 months?

Pitching: things to include in your pitch, methods of pitching, following up, removing fears and anxiety from pitching

Clients: Getting crystal clear on your ideal client and where to find them

Portfolio: setting one up or refining yours to speak directly to your ideal clients while highlighting your best work

Productivity: finding a routine that works for you, ways of channeling creativity consistently, setting habits to achieve your goals, staying on track

Staying motivated and planning ahead: prepping for quiet periods, avoiding burn out, scaling sustainably & efficiently


Mindset: switching from freelancer to business owner, getting over your fear of rejection, setting non-financial goals

Confidence: knowing and asserting your boundaries, believing in yourself, persevering & consistency through low periods

Finances: tracking your clients & income, setting up a biz bank account, setting aside money for taxes, financial tools to use, ways to save money as a freelancer

Outsourcing: who, how and where to do it

ready to become a successful freelance writer?

- 10 modules taking you through all the steps of growing your freelance creative business efficiently and confidently.
- Weekly Q&A group calls
- My own tried-and-tested freelance pitching guidance that I've used to secure $1 per word clients 
- My creative CV template to wow clients who still want to hire the traditional way 
- Templates for cold pitching.
- Lifetime access to all of the modules. 

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is the course for me?

The course is for anyone who's dipped their toe into freelancing and would like to make a successful income from it. Maybe you're looking to go into freelance writing, social media management, videography or illustration. Or maybe you can offer a few variations of the above or a different creative niche! 

I have a full time job - will I have time to complete it?

Yes! Our weekly group calls are recommended but optional. They'll also be recorded to watch back in your own time. You'll have lifetime access to the course to go back through any modules as and when you need to.

I've already started freelancing. Is this a course just for beginners? 

If you're already making multiple thousands easily per month from freelancing, this course is probably not for you. But, if you're struggling with low-paying clients, aren't sure how to refine or make your portfolio or need some help finding your niche, it'll help with all of the above and more.

sign me up to the waitlist!

The course will launch officially in March 2023. Founding members will receive a special launch price so don't wait around too long!

when does the course begin?

Coming soon!

1-on-1 coaching with me: the fastest route.



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