You've got goals. And you know you want your creative business to grow.

But something's stopping you from actually Doing The Things: a lack of accountability.

Which was great! Until you realised that meant holding yourself accountable. And being your own colleague. And having only "me, myself and I" to bounce ideas off of.

Now, you're stuck in an awkward midpoint of knowing where you want your business to be, but not actually knowing how to get to that point. You miss having other creatives around to talk through your ideas or give you sparks of motivation.

Dare we say it: sometimes you even miss having a boss to hold you accountable to getting things done on a deadline.

You probably started your business so you could work on your own terms.

Inside Momentum, we utilise accountability, support and gamification to work towards your business goals one at a time.

  • Knowing where you should focus your efforts: Pitching? Business development? Automation?
  • Sharing that goal with a supportive community who guide you through the specific, bite-size steps.
  • Working towards that goal and earning points for doing so.
  • Winning a free, 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me if you take the most action in your business. 

Imagine if your month could go something like:

Momentum Magic

Monthly workshops | Gamification and free coaching | Group accountability calls 

Monthly workshops
 Group networking calls 

"I think it's been incredible, really! The way it’s set up is perfect! With the monthly speed coaching, the Facebook group and accountability sheets.

Super impressive and helpful and the group of women is great too :) you're so knowledgeable about everything and so humble, it's really been a treat!

And I'm super excited to try out Self Marketing Magic in the future when I'm more prepared!"

Taylor haught

"I joined Momentum Magic almost as soon as I learned about the membership. It didn't disappoint, and I'm so happy I went with my gut.

I've been freelancing for the past two years, and I used to react to my business rather than be more proactive.

Since joining, I created a LinkedIn marketing strategy, had a better idea of my ideal clients/niche, and streamlined my admin/marketing tasks. I've also learned so much from the Momentum community as we all want to get better and grow our freelance business."

Dianna lotti

There are four crucial ingredients for running a successful business.

Strategy | Structure | Support | Accountability

In Momentum Magic, we combine all four: the perfect setting to grow your creative business in a way that's sustainable for long-term success. Each month, we tackle a different area of business growth and set a SMART (specific, measured, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goal to work towards for the month ahead.

In a group setting, we'll build momentum in your business. Those intimidatingly-far-away goals? We'll break them down into monthly steps and achieve them, together.

Throughout the month, earn points by taking action, showing up to our call and supporting other business owners. Whoever gets the most points at the end of each month wins free coaching from me. 

"Your Momentum community was incredibly helpful for me. When I joined the community in December, I had a full-time job and 0 freelance clients. Thanks to your advice, support and energy, I quit my job, found two retainer clients for my freelance business, and now I don't even need to seek anyone else. 

In fact, the freedom of freelancing helped me understand that my next biggest passion is building a product business. 

Anyway, I'll be recommending your community to my freelance friends. It provides a huge value. Thank you for your work and energy!" - Tania Zhydkova

Week 2

Week 4

Business development and prepping for the month ahead

The final week of the month is all about wrapping things up: checking in with your business finances, prepping your workload for the month ahead and starting to think about your goal for the following month. Earn points by completing the check out form. Whoever gets the most points each month gets a free 1:1 coaching call with me the following month. 

Set your goal on our monthly call and plan it out

Check ins and continued work

Set a SMART goal and share it with the group. Talk through any roadblocks with bespoke guidance and recommendations from my own experience of growing a creative business to six figures. Leave the call feeling confident and motivated. Earn points by tracking your goal for the month on our check-in form. 

Last week you started the push to achieving your monthly SMART goal. This week is all about riding that wave and continuing with the action. If something's come up (a mindset block, a limiting belief, an external factor) that's stopping you from making progress, share it with the group for a boost of support and motivation. Earn more points by contributing!

Week 3

Week 4

Now you've got your goal for the month set, it's time to start implementing it. Earn points by sharing your updates in our community, posting your questions and supporting other female business owners in achieving their goals. You'll find that, with support and gamification, your goals suddenly feel a lot easier to achieve. 

Start taking action

Week 1

How it works

Just by taking action towards your goals!

As of May 2024, we're introducing gamification into the community. Take regular action on your goals and win points for each action you take. Whoever wins the most points gets a free, 30 minute coaching call with me for some bespoke business strategy support the following month. 

Win a free coaching call with me each month.

What's already inside...

Creating a detailed business plan for 2024 that outlines your goals, strategies, action steps, budget and timeline. Follow the structure I've used to grow a six figure freelance creative business and to increase my income significantly year after year. Now live, complete with workbook on the course platform.

Business planning for 2024 

The must lucrative platform for freelancers right now! Learn how best to utilise the platform and grow on it in order to increase both inbound and outbound leads in your business. Establish how to talk to your target clients, how to choose your content pillars and start mapping them out with the accompanying worksheet. Now live complete with workbook on the course platform.

LinkedIn for creative business owners

I'll be teaching the methods I used to secure a recent $9.2k USD freelance writing commission, as well as multiple other four-figure client projects. Including my scripts, subject lines, follow up techniques and mindset work so it all feels natural, rather than icky!

Pitching your freelance services

How to set your rates and know your worth as a freelance business owner, assertive pricing mindset strategies, how to choose your own pricing strategy for success, negotiating your rates and lastly (but by no means least!) communicating your value as a business owner.

Pricing your freelance services

Automation has no limits nowadays but this training focuses on the accessible things: ideas, tools and tips that’ll save you time and money without costing a lot. Learn why automating parts of your business is a benefit to you and your clients as well as areas of your business you can automate (admin, marketing, onboarding, etc) and tool recommendations.

Automating parts of your business

Updated your website? Posted on Linkedin for the first time? About to send a scary pitch? Post it in the group and we'll give you feedback! 

Feedback and support

Including women from the UK, US, Europe, South Africa, India, South America and more! Make URL and IRL creative friends.

Grow your network across the world

Meet other global female business owners in the creative world. Perfect for networking, making new friends and learning from each other.

Private community of creative women

A new training each month from myself or another female entrepreneur to fit the monthly theme. So you can knowledgeably tackle each goal.

Member vault of themed trainings

Earn points by keeping accountable on your goal throughout the month. Whoever gets the most points wins a free 1:1 coaching call with me. 

A monthly challenge to Do The Things

Share your goal for the month with the group, break down your SMART steps to achieve it and be held accountable with an update the following month!

Monthly goal-setting calls

Feedback on The Freedom Route's previous communities:

Think of Momentum Magic as a mix of laser coaching, networking and accountability all rolled into one. As well as our monthly call, you'll have access to our vault of trainings and our private community, where you're free to post daily or get involved with our free Get It Done challenges.

What does the Momentum Magic Membership include?

You can join and leave Momentum Magic whenever you fancy, month by month. If you need to scale back on finances for a while but want to rejoin in the future, you're always welcome back.

How do I join/leave?

Our monthly calls will take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 12pm Eastern Time. They will all be recorded so, even if you can't attend live, you can watch the replay.

When will the calls take place?


Momentum Magic was designed for creative business owners: writers, PRs, social media managers, videographers, etc. 

Who is Momentum Magic best for?

Do you offer refunds?

No. As Momentum is such a low price (and all of the material is instantly accessible!) it's a no-refund programme.

Feedback on The Freedom Route's previous communities: