if you're here, i bet you're trying to figure out how to step things up a notch from freelancer to business owner. 

You're feeling like you're done with the low-paying clients and the 'boring' industries that you've so far settled for. You're ready to scale to those dreamy clients and brands, working on projects that fill you with excitement.

Taking that big leap seems pretty intimidating and you need a mentor to help you reach those next levels. 

refining your niche

We'll dig deep into the topics that you're passionate about. Don't be put off by other creatives who may tell you the industries are oversaturated. There will always be high-paying clients in every niche and we'll figure out exactly what yours will be.

successful outreach and pitching 

We'll tailor your pitches and your outreach messages so that they're uniquely appealing to your target clients. We can also work on the other side of client outreach: tailoring and personalising your social profiles and website or portfolio to attract clients. Nowadays, around 70% of my clients approach me first, which means I can spend more time on fun things! 

mindset and confidence

There's no point building up all of these skills if you're afraid to use them. I get it: as women, we're conditioned to playing small and accepting far less than we deserve. But, with my mindset coaching, we'll work on your confidence so you're ready and prepared to charge market rates, enforce your boundaries and work exclusively with clients who respect you and encourage your growth. 

yes...but how? 

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my one-to-one coaching focuses around three key areas of support:

I know what it's like to feel stuck.

And overwhelmed, and confused and generally a little lost when it comes to growing your business. There's so much information out there - where to even start?!

But it's a temporary feeling and, once you've worked through those blockages, you'll come out the other side feeling in control and empowered.

Most of the women I work with feel the same: ready to take on those bigger projects and work with premium clients but a little hesitant to take the leap alone. 

So i've opened up a handful of new spots for female freelance creatives looking to elevate their careers confidently, efficiently and knowledgeably.  


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