I'll set the scene: I'd been working as a branded content editor in London, UK, and had spontaneously quit my job and moved to an island called Gili Trawangan to start a digital marketing role in the tourism industry.

Then, Covid hit. 

I had two choices: head back to the UK and find a new job or finally try out freelancing - something I'd been dreaming about since before I even started 'proper' work.

Our freelance writing careers all start in different ways. mine began stranded on a 4km Indonesian island. 

In case it wasn't clear, I chose the latter. 

My first consistent freelance client paid me $0.06 per word. The other clients I picked up along the way weren't much better, trying to bargain down my rates and expand the scope of work mid-way through. I had no idea how to advocate for myself and was so desperate for work, I often went along with it.

Building your own self-marketing strategy is a little terrifying as a freelance writer. You're scared of setting your rates too high in case clients turn around and say no.

You're concerned that you're spending too long chasing a niche/topic/type of client that's not going to go anywhere. You wonder whether it's time to give up and look for a full-time job again? Or maybe you should try a different tactic? You start to doubt your skills and knowledge. But you can't level up until you put a strategy into place and stick with it.

So I stepped up and created what's now my signature self-marketing strategy for freelance writers.

I had the skills. I had the knowledge. I even had the portfolio. but I wasn't going to progress until I had the strategy to match.

These days, I work exclusively with clients who respect me, challenge me and bring me joy. High-paying clients who are open to listening to ideas and who encourage me to grow. If I'd known all it took was implementing a self-marketing strategy, I'd have prioritised working on this years ago. 

When I'm not writing, I spend most of my time exploring beautiful Bali, which is where I call home. I spend a lot of time scuba diving, cafe hopping, playing with the endless street dogs that live in my neighbourhood and planning my next adventures. Next up will be a summer in Europe, if you're wondering!

I have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and you couldn't pay me any amount of money to go back to my old lifestyle: working long hours for low pay packets and spending the whole time a little anxious that I wasn't worthy of anything bigger.

Now, I help women like you to craft your own self-marketing strategy so you can do the same thing.

Freelance writing can be one of the most exciting, confidence-boosting and versatile careers around. You can travel the world, spend more time with your family and friends or pick up new hobbies. But if you're not building your business with a strategy in mind, you'll struggle to step away from those low-paying clients and one-off, underwhelming projects. 

If you've read this far, you're ready to shift from a freelancer to a business owner mindset. You just need the support and accountability to do so. 

Your clients should always be (at least) one of two things: high paying or fun.

confidence follows action, 

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I believe: