From frustrated, stagnant freelance writer to confident, fully-booked business owner

Self-Marketing Magic

Next live round: 2024

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My signature 10-week accelerator programme guides you through the steps of refining your freelance writing business, clarifying your ideal client and launching a thriving business strategy so you can hit (and succeed!) your income goals, book out your services and live the freedom lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

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Life can be tough as a female freelance writer...
More often than not, we’re underpaid, undervalued and overworked. 

Sound familiar?

You’ve probably accepted low paying jobs from underwhelming clients because you’re scared that new projects won’t come along. Some of them are fun, sure! But you can't shake the frustration that you're not charging the value you KNOW you're delivering.
You’ve likely said yes to things you should really push back on because you’re scared of annoying those aforementioned clients. "Just one small amend - thanks!"... but it never is just one small amend, is it? 

Maybe you’ve reduced your rates to avoid being ghosted and gone above and beyond to deliver: without recognition. Sometimes even that isn't enough: that potential new client still says they can't afford you.

But you know you’re meant for more than the hit-and-miss clients you’re working with currently.

Sure, they pay the bills (most of the time) but they don’t give you what you really need: the freedom to work where and when you want. 

You know something needs to change. but you're not 100% sure exactly what. but imagine if it did...

A couple of hours of work on a project that you can’t stop thinking about. In fact, it might actually stretch to a few more hours just ‘cause you’re so passionate about it.

A lengthy lunch break - maybe starting that new book by the pool?

A little time dedicated to going through your ever-growing inbox and replying to new client messages. You consider drafting up a waiting list or maybe looking into outsourcing.

An evening spent however you like: maybe a fancy dinner with your other half, a dance class in the city you currently call home or a sunset beach walk followed by a glass of wine overlooking the ocean.

You’re waking up to the sunshine from a villa in Bali, or a seriously cool apartment in your favourite city, or the van you’ve converted for limitless travels. Your day looks a little like this:

It's a year from now...

Sound too good to be true? It's not - I promise you! How do I know? Because I've done it myself.

Hi! I'm Georgie! Freelance travel writer, compulsive-dog-petter and avid scuba diver. As a business strategy coach for female freelance writers, I help you to refine your niche, goals and outreach to build the freelance business you've always dreamed of. I took the long route so you don't have to.

My first freelance writing client paid me $250 per month. Another client hugely changed the scope of the work and, when I pushed back, refused to pay 68% of my invoice. A different one bartered down my rates to pitiful amounts and I was still grateful to have at least some kind of income.

I felt embarrassed at the thought of negotiating a raise and couldn’t get the attention of higher paying clients. I felt stuck.

I scoured Facebook groups for advice, read countless online forums, signed up for a range of different writing courses and built my business up, bit by bit.

While I now have days where I regularly earn more than $1000, it didn’t start out that way. 

And now I work with global travel and lifestyle brands for around 15-20 hours a week, earning more than three times my previous London editor's salary for a quarter of the hours.

i now split my time between Bali and spend half the year slow travelling across the world. 

All I need is a good WIFI connection (and a strong coffee) and I can earn a few thousand dollars from a beach bar, a mountain top or a fancy hotel - and have done so from all of the above!

I got there eventually.

So now I spend my days like this...

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

Caption for the next thing would go right here.

Thing #2 

This is another caption for this third item right here. 

Thing #3

This area can be used for any kind of list. Get creative!

Thing #4

Your fifth must-have would go right about here. Yup, yup.

Thing #5

You could get to that point in your freelance business too by doing what I did...

Spend endless amounts of time researching and struggling with conflicting advice.

 When you try to build a freelance business alone, how do you know what’s working and what’s not?

At what point do you give up with your methods and try something new? 

From frustrated, stagnant freelance writer to confident, fully-booked business owner

Introducing: Self-Marketing Magic

Next live intake: 2024

My signature 10-week accelerator programme guides you through the steps of refining your freelance writing business, clarifying your ideal client and launching a thriving business strategy so you can hit (and succeed!) your income goals, book out your services and live the freedom lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

"Having this community of women and Georgie's mentorship has made me feel that going full-time with freelance writing isn't just the right step; if I don't do it, I'll be holding myself back from the potential I have when doing it full-time. This is a course that I'll come back to and rewatch in the years to come.

The ability to ask Georgie ANY questions at all during ten weeks of group coaching was an absolute gift. Beyond Georgie's sage advice, the community of women was so valuable. You realise just how much of what you're going through is a shared, common experience, and having these ladies rooting for you (and rooting for them) was easily the most valuable addition to the course."
- Tayla Blaire

A great community of likeminded freelance friends, ready to bounce ideas off of and grow your biz alongside. You've never felt more supported.


No more struggling month to month: you have savings in the bank and you know exactly how much you'll be earning for the next three months, at least.


A consistent flow of clients emailing and DMing you, offering you incredible projects at rates you know you deserve. Sunday scaries are a thing of the past.


The incredible freedom lifestyle you dreamed of back when you first started out freelancing, but now it's actually your reality. You life is within your control.


Imagine if you could have...

"I would absolutely recommend Self-Marketing Magic for all freelancers. I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled across Georgie and this course at the start of my freelance career as it has allowed me to put strategies in place from the offset. 

Everything was covered: if it wasn't talked about on the course, it was discussed on the weekly calls. The calls are fantastic and I love that it is an all female course as it feels like a safe space. Couldn't have asked for a better course." - Nuala Mc Hugh 

Evolve: A deep dive into your current situation, your business goals and your dream freelance writing lifestyle. Setting the foundations and breaking down the steps to getting you there.

Strategy: Crafting your content pillars and elevating your website and Linkedin to speak directly to your dream client.

Clients: Everything you need to know on WHERE to find your dream client and HOW to draw them in through your messaging.

Attitude: Positioning yourself as an expert, reprogramming your limiting beliefs and stepping into a business owner mindset.

Pitching: WHO to pitch, HOW to pitch, my tried-and-tested pitching scripts as well as the 101 on following up and pitching via referrals.

Efficiency: Setting long-term business growth habits, building out your productivity methods, automating parts of the process and building sustainable, ongoing growth. 

My six-step tried-and-tested method for securing those $5k monthly client retainers, $1 per word writing commissions and $300 per hour copywriting clients. 

Let me breakdown my signature E.S.C.A.P.E framework...

"Georgie calls this a “group coaching program”, but really, it feels like a 1-1 program! That level of undivided attention… It’s everything!

I now get inbound leads inquiring me about my work and just onboarded a new client who matches my vibe. I gained more clarity about my content strategy, and it’s gaining momentum with the algorithms.

My website is getting brand-new makeup thanks to G’s strategies, and I’m super excited about the launch. Look, clearly, I’m a fan having a fan-girl moment ;) But Georgie deserves it. I’ve never written a 6-page review for anyone! Take the course, you’ll see."
- Risha Bharathan

You want those leisurely days earning great money on a schedule that suits you, without constantly worrying about paying the bills next month. Which means you know that investing into your future career path is the faster choice. Why waste time with low-paying clients or vague portfolios when you could just cut to the chase? 

Self-Marketing Magic is the course for you if you’re ready to skip past all of the frustrating steps above. 

Because I’m guessing if you’re here, you want to fast-track your success.

But I'm guessing, if you're here, you want to fast-track your success.

"I feel like I have a wingwoman and cheerleader in you as my coach. I'm so much more comfortable asking for more money, and feel much more in control of my business and my time. It boosts me in everything business-related that I do.

After one of our coaching calls, a friend said "you're glowing", because you help uplift me and get me out of some sometimes-not-so-productive self-talk and over-thinking." - Capucine Cogne

Lesson 29: Setting business habits for regular pitching
Lesson 30: Learning your working style
Lesson 31: Automating parts of the system
Lesson 32: Productivity hacks for success
Lesson 33: Basics of business finances
Lesson 34: Holding confident discovery calls
Lesson 35: Hiring your first VA
END RESULT: The full bag! You've got your strategy in place and the mindset for success. You have the structure, enthusiasm and confidence to elevate your freelance writing business now. 



Lesson 22: Finding the right person to pitch
Lesson 23: Cold pitching via email 
Lesson 24: Cold pitching on LinkedIn
Lesson 25: Cold pitching on Facebook
Lesson 26: Pricing your pitches/packages 
Lesson 27: Following up correctly 
Lesson 28: BONUS: Referrals

END RESULT: Effortless pitching technique - who/where/how/what!



Lesson 17: Positioning yourself as an expert
Lesson 18: Getting over your fear of rejection
Lesson 19: Reaffirming your expertise and skills
Lesson 20: Stepping into the right mindset
Lesson 21: Prepping for low motivation periods

END RESULT: A business-owner mindset who doesn't doubt her expertise or rates.



Lesson 11: Where are your ideal clients?
Lesson 12: Attracting your ideal clients through your messaging 
Lesson 13: Using LinkedIn to find clients 
Lesson 14: Linkedin engagement
Lesson 15: How to use Facebook groups to find clients
Lesson 16: Extra ways to find clients
END RESULT: Confidently being able to find your ideal clients and how to pitch them.



Lesson 7: Choosing your content strategy pillars
Lesson 8: What, when, where and how frequently to post
Lesson 9: Content repurposing 
Lesson 10: Elevating your website

END RESULT: A content strategy mapped out across your chosen platform(s) and a client-friendly website.



Lesson 1 : A deep dive into your current situation
Lesson 2: What does your dream business/lifestyle look like? + workbook
Lesson 3: Choosing the qualities of your dream client + workbook
Lesson 4: Goal setting and the steps to get there 
Lesson 5: Clarifying your core offer(s) as a freelance writer 
Lesson 6: Your supplementary offers & extra services (BONUS LESSON)

END RESULT: A crystal clear image of the goal you're working towards, the services you offer and the clients you'll work with.



Intrigued? Here's a taster of what we cover:

Including lifetime access to all of the course content so you can watch back at your own pace or re-watch in the future!

Weekly laser coaching calls to get personalised feedback on your actions (live rounds only)

Lifetime access to all course content so you can learn at your own pace or refer back as and when needed

Over $1300 worth of bonus content, lessons and resources to supplement your business growth

Workbooks with prompts, guidance and tips as you progress

Six modules of trainings to learn the specific strategies for business growth with over 30+ action-based training videos

What's included:

Bonus #2

And let's talk about those bonuses...

Bonus #4

Get my eyes on your LinkedIn profile or website once you've elevated it during the course. I'll give you bespoke, actionable feedback and recommendations to make it even more client-friendly. 

A LinkedIn or website audit (live rounds only)

Bonus webinars from guest lecturers

So you can learn from other incredible female entrepreneurs along the way. Learn how to take professional branding photos with your phone, courtesy of a professional photographer. And how to manage your finances, from a chartered accountant and wealth coach. And how to work through mental blocks and work efficiently from a procrastination coach. That's just the beginning! 

Bonus #1

Weekly group coaching calls (live rounds only)

Access to my cold pitching and editorial templates

An hour a week to talk through your progress, ask for my feedback or recommendations and share your wins with the group. This is the best way to stay accountable to taking the steps and to grow your community of female freelance writers, too! 

The ones I've used to secure $1 per word writing clients and $300 per hour copywriting projects. I'll also throw in a few extras, like the directories of editors looking for freelance writers right now and my e-book on 74+ ways to find high-paying clients.

'Impress Your New Clients' toolkit

An SEO blog best practises cheatsheet, so you can wow those new clients when you're working on your first project. A client onboarding questionnaire so you can kick off those projects confidently. And some templates to keep you covered for tricky client conversations, too.

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Bonus #5

1 payment of $1497 (£1208)

3 x monthly 1:1 60-minute calls with me

linkedin profile audit

guest lectures

private community

workbooks & templates

30+ action-based videos

Best for those who want my eyes on their strategy and ongoing feedback throughout the course. 

vip coaching package (2   spots left)

1 payment of $997 (£804)



guest lectures




The most budget-friendly way of working with me. A one-time payment with a few extra perks! 


3 payments of $366 (£295)



guest lectures

private community 

workbooks & templates

30+ action-based videos

Weekly coaching calls

Get started immediately for $182 (six month plan) or $366 (three month plan).


3 or 6 month payment plan

Live round payment options

Weekly coaching calls

weekly coaching calls

  • Lifetime access to the entire course curriculum 
  • Most budget-friendly way of working with me
  • Access to any other webinars/resources I add to the course platform in the future. 

I see you! Self-Marketing Magic is also available as a self-study course for $697. If you'd rather get started on the module content, download the templates & spreadsheets and watch the guest lectures sooner, you can invest in the course now and get started immediately. 

And then, when the next live round opens for enrolment, you can choose to upgrade for $300 to add on the weekly group calls, extra accountability and community-building element, too.

Want to get started sooner?

2024 is still a few months away...

This is what I need!

"I feel like I got value far beyond my expectations. I left with a plan to find high paying clients, improve my marketing, and increase my income with pricing.

Georgie was so knowledgeable and came with tons of advice that answered some of the major questions that have been holding me back in my business. She's given me tools to get to the next step with my business, I can't recommend her enough!" - Jenn Pavlick

The female freelance writer who's determined that 2023 will be the year she levels up her business properly.

She knows that levelling up requires effort and, once she has a strategy in place, she's electrified and ready to get stuck in.

She thrives in a group of like-minded women and loves a supportive, collaborative environment. 

Who is Self-Marketing Magic for?

You're convinced the freelance writing world HAS to be a struggle and you don't really believe, deep down, that you can do any better.

You struggle to stay on track in group situations and perform far better with 1:1 support, where you can work directly with a coach.

You're looking for a magic wand that'll instantly give you incredible results. You don't want to put the effort in yourself to see success. 

And who is Self-Marketing Magic not for?

Try Self-Marketing Magic for 15 days*. Get your money back if it's not the right fit for you.

I've invested in too many courses myself that haven't been a good fit for my business goals. And I want you to feel that Self-Marketing Magic is exactly the right fit for you. If you discover it's not, I'll happily give you a refund!

*or the first module of the course, if you're self-study!




Self-Marketing Magic helps you to elevate your business, whether that’s starting from scratch or refining your current set-up. If you’re struggling with low paying clients and overstepped boundaries, I made this for you. If you’re earning thousands of dollars monthly with friendly, supportive clients and a clear path forward, it may not be appropriate for you!


Frequently asked questions:

All of the modules are uploaded on the course platform, so you’re free to watch them whenever you like. Our weekly calls will also be recorded so, even if you can’t join them live, you’ll be able to watch them back. You’ll also have the chance to pre-submit questions each week, which will then be answered on the call.


Self-Marketing Magic usually runs two or three times per year. The next live round will be 2024 but the exact time has not yet been arranged! Sign up here to join the waitlist if you'd like to be first to know when the live round relaunches in 2024.


If you’re looking to grow your business faster and would like more tailored support, I also offer additional 1:1 coaching throughout the course. We can use these additional sessions to talk through any of the modules in more detail or to go over your website, your pitches or any other questions you may have. This 1:1 support will be available at a discounted rate for the founding members of Self-Marketing Magic.


Sure thing! Please drop me an email at and I’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours!


P.S: I get it. Investing in yourself is scary! But here's the truth: if you want different results from what you're getting now, you need to do something different. 

I'm ready to change my life!