You're ready to step up and start working on bigger projects. Those dream bylines are only a few messages away. And those portfolio pieces at bucketlist publications are all within your grasp. But, as your freelance writing career progresses, you'll need the strategy, tools and confidence to match. That's where I come in.

Those high-paying clients in your niche are out there. You just need to know how to find them (and what to say).

Journalist turned social media manager turned copywriter turned travel writer. Now, eight years on from entering the world of freelancing, I help women like you to launch your own successful freelance writing business. Efficiently, knowledgeably and, most important, confidently: without the years of scrolling, second guessing and trial & error that I did first. 

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Hi, I'm Georgie.
I'm here to help you build your dream freelance career.


"From clarifying my social media strategy (inbound marketing) to reaching out to new prospects (outbound marketing), Georgie brought so much clarity and fresh perspective to my challenges; we solved so much in just one session! She helped me become clear on my positioning strategies, my outbound methodologies, my inbound systems, and my pricing… So literally, EVERYTHING I NEEDED. Not only that, she also gave me formulas and examples to solve my challenges for good!" - Risha, mental health copywriter

"I can't thank Georgie enough for the clarity and confidence she's given me in my freelance career. Since working together, I've significantly raised my rates and have approached client conversations with my boundaries and fees in mind. I feel a lot more confident offering my services to "bigger" clients and am really excited to see where my progression takes me. Thank you!"
- Katie, writer & illustrator at DeadOn

"I booked a 60 minute 1:1 call with Georgie and I feel like I got value far beyond my expectations. I left the call with a plan to find high paying clients, improve my marketing, and increase my income with pricing. Georgie was so knowledgeable and came to the call with tons of advice that answered some of the major questions that have been holding me back in my business. Meeting with her, for even just one call, has given me tools to get to the next step with my work, I can't recommend her enough!"
- Jenn, Personal Finance writer

Emails you'll actually want to read: Exciting (and well-paying) pitch call-outs, creative prompts and guidance, and insights to a writer's life from a tropical island. 

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