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Stop scrolling & start posting

Linkedin is one of the (if not THE) most lucrative platform for creative business owners. It’s your time to become an active business owner, not a passive freelancer: showing up confidently, talking to your ideal clients and converting them through your engaging (and on-brand) content.

Sounds unrealistic? That’s where I come in.

Linkedin Power Hours

But if you’re posting infrequently about whatever’s on your mind, deleting every other post when it doesn’t gain much traction and reverting to just scrolling for another month, you’re not going to get very far.

(Or - and sorry if this hits close to home - just writing posts for other freelancers.) 

What would it feel like if you had a deep understanding of what to post in order to attract your ideal clients? If you woke up to Inmails every week like “I saw your recent post and had to reach out - would you be interested in this project?” 

Imagine if you could schedule a month’s worth of engaging posts in one go, ticking off your self-marketing efforts for 30 days while knowing that it’s going to reel in those dream clients. 

Your whole self-marketing strategy would be a lot simpler, right? 

It sounds obvious but...

The key to success on Linkedin comes through using it properly.

Get clarity on your content pillars. Map out a month’s worth of client-friendly posts. Get bespoke feedback (and accountability) on actually writing them and sharing them. Learn mindset hacks to stop the self-doubt and post confidently. 


Linkedin Power Hours



I grew my Linkedin audience from 600 people to 11.5k in 12 months. I went from posting twice a year (“I’m excited to announce my new job…”) and deleting anything that didn’t get enough likes to posting daily content that resonates with my target audience.

I’ve secured multiple four-figure retainer clients through Linkedin, been offered brand partnership deals, been invited round speak at industry events and even secured a creative advisory position through LinkedIn. 

More importantly, I’ve done all of the above without spending more than about five hours per month writing my content. My tried-and-tested framework allows me to map out a month's worth of content in just a few hours without “30 minutes of engagement per day” or “adding 15 relevant people per week” kinda stuff. 

As a business owner (even if sometimes you get imposter syndrome calling yourself that), you don’t have time to spend hours and hours on Linkedin. 

My Linkedin Power Hours were designed for the creative female entrepreneur who knows she should be tapping into the platform but can’t figure out how to do it effectively. 

  • You know the clients within your niche are on Linkedin (you’ve seen their profiles and maybe engaged with some of their content) but you’ve no idea how to reel them in.
  • Posting on the platform makes you feel very self-conscious and you’re worried that Tom from school is screenshotting your posts and laughing at them. 
  • You feel frustrated: you’re eager to get the ball rolling on your Linkedin content strategy but getting started feels like pushing a heavy boulder up a hill. 

Right now, you probably feel a little like this...

We're both short on time...

Which is why I’ve designed my Linkedin Power Hours as my most efficient offer while teaching you all the core staples of success on the platform. 

Each Linkedin Power Hour includes...

Email feedback after one week

Send me your first week's worth of posts (accountability!) and I'll give you bespoke feedback before you click publish.

Map out your content pillars

We'll take a deep dive into your ideal client and map out pillars to ensure you're building like, know and trust.

Craft a month's worth of posts

Via Zoom, we'll plan out your first month of posts together. You'll know what to post and when for 30 days. 

Each Linkedin Power Hour has three elements. 

A pre-intensive form:
before our call, you’ll share all of the relevant details about your business goals and your clients. I’ll use this to map out your suggested content pillars and will share these with you before the call. 

On a 60 minute Zoom call: we’ll map out a month's worth of your posts, based on the above content pillars. I’ll share my success framework for posting consistently on the platform and you’ll walk away with up to 30 relevant ideas for your posts.

Up to 14 days later: you’ll send me your first week’s worth of posts (up to seven) for review. I’ll give you bespoke feedback on each one, to ensure they’re client-friendly, platform-friendly and hit a combination of your content pillars. You can also use this time to ask me any clarifications. 

but that's not all...

As part of my Linkedin Power Hours, you’ll get access to my Linkedin for Creative Business Owners 45 minute training & workbook, exclusively available inside of my Momentum community. Watch this for more behind-the-scenes insight into my own Linkedin success, as well as tips and pointers on elevating your profile, Linkedin pitching, engagement and more. 

Bonus training: Linkedin for Creative Business Owners

"I've more done now for driving myself forward than I have in months, maybe even years.

I feel SO much clearer and have a proper plan of what action to take next.

I managed to sit down, write out a list of companies I would love to write for, planned out the next couple of months of content & created a boiler plate for my posts. Thanks so much."

Dani jones

"I found your help invaluable in developing my content strategy.

My confidence has increased significantly and I'm no longer worried that I'll be stuck with the odd low-paying job here or there. Nor am I concerned that people will baulk at my prices. When I look back on how far I've come-the views are quite something. I've already been recommending you to other people."

Adi bloom

Hi! I'm Georgie.

Freelance travel writer, compulsive-dog-petter and avid scuba diver.

As a business strategy coach for female freelance writers, I help you to refine your niche, goals and outreach to build the freelance business you've always dreamed of. I took the long route to building a successful freelance business so you don't have to.

I grew my freelance travel writing business from $250 per month to six figures in only a few years. Now, I coach female freelance creatives to grow their own businesses in a way that feels exciting and authentic to them. 

Business strategy coach and freelance writer

Frequently asked questions

Female freelance creative business owners. Maybe you've tried posting on Linkedin but haven't had much success. Or perhaps you're intimidated by the platform and currently just scroll! 

We'll map out your first month's content on the call. After the call, you'll have 14 days to write your first week's worth of content (maximum seven) into drafted posts. Email these to me and I'll go through them one by one, giving you specific pointers to ensure they're all client-friendly. 

I grew my Linkedin audience from 600 people to 11,500 in 12 months. It's the most lucrative platform both for myself and the vast majority of my coaching clients. I've used Linkedin to close $9,000 USD copywriting deals and $16,000 USD launches (amongst many other successes!)

Amazing! If you're ready to book, click one of the buttons throughout the page and you'll be taken to checkout. If you've got questions you'd rather chat through first, drop me an email at or fill out the contact form on the website. Excited to chat!

Sounds fun, right?

Ready to get started?

Here’s a little reminder of what's included in each Linkedin Power Hour:

A pre-call intensive form that takes a deep dive into your business goals.

Accountability and bespoke post feedback after the call. 

A month's worth of post ideas drafted on the call.

A 60-minute Zoom call to map out your content pillars.